Games Planning 2017

Fields Groups       Planning Download the Planning YesButNau 2017       Saturday [gallery link="file" ids="3351,3347,3349"] Sunday [gallery link="file" ids="3359,3357,3355"…

Party theme 2017 : “From A to Z”

This year, the party will be at the "Garden", a club localized few kilometers from the beach. Click here to see the map   How to go ? 2 buses to bring you from the town hall : 1st bus at 20h00 ( 20h10 stop at the camp site.) 2d bus at…
Yes But Nau 2016. Sidelines PhotoID : 2016-05-14-0309

The 2017 team selection

Hello, The YBN2017 team selection has been made tonight. Elite division : 8 spots List of selected teams (alphabetic order) Blues Equipe de france open master France Open Beach GrandMas France Pen Fifteen Allstars Reb's Slourte…
Yes But Nau 2016. Vainqueur : Razmoket

Results 2016

Here are all the scores and spirit. For the team pictures, go to the archives Classement 1 - Razmokets (Pickup) 2 - Freakshow (Pickup) 3 - Magic Be Beach (Angers) 4 - Blues (Luzarches) 5 - Pen Fifteen Allstars 6 - Mr Friz (Rennes) 7 - G Tribe …

Le tournoi Hat des juniors 2016

Une superbe édition cette année encore avec la participation de plus de 60 jeunes de la région pour ce tournoi HAT U13 et U15 organisé par la Ligue des Pays de la Loire. La finale U15 se termine au golden point, sur un magnifique dive... Déjà du …

Lost and Found 2016

We found some stuff on the beach If one of this is yours, please contact us. [gallery link="file" ids="3187,3189,3191,3193,3195,3197,3199,3201,3203,3205,3207,3209,3211,3213,3215"]…
Yes But Nau 2015.
PhotoID : 2015-05-25-1037


Hi everyone!! 40 teams have registered to get one of the 24 spots. Choice was hard. We know there will be desappointed people, but we had to make a choice. This year, there will be irish, english, german and belgian teams - c'est le moment de révi…
Yes But Nau 2015.
Awards Ceremony
PhotoID : 2015-05-25-1466

2015 results

Classement Magic Be Beach Freakshow Pen Fifteen 33 Tours Young Bananas Scud Love And Married Klubultdulub Rfo Grandma'S Curve Ufo Galway Panteras Les Pirates Friseli…